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What is YFC?         

Young Farmers (YFC) is a rural youth organisation, for anyone aged between 10 and 26 years old. Clubs and County Federations are affiliated to the National Federation of Young Famers’ Clubs (NFYFC), which aims to support young people in agriculture and the countryside, which has approx 25,000 members in over 650 clubs across England & Wales.

Winners of cups at the 79th WFYFC AGM 2016

Winners of cups at the 79th WFYFC AGM 2016

Warwickshire YFC

In 2017 Warwickshire Young Farmers’ will celebrate its 80th anniversary. 

There are 11 Young Farmers’ Clubs across Warwickshire dedicated to supporting young people in agriculture and the countryside.

Young Farmers Clubs are where you find your best friends for life, learn the real meaning of teamwork, make a positive difference to your local community, and have an amazing social life!

Club meetings are usually weekly and are organised and run by YFC members themselves. Every year the Clubs elect their officer team to take responsibility for the club on behalf of their members, and organise the activities that members take part in.



Warwickshire Christmas Party 2016

24Some of the cup winners from 2015-16 at the Warwickshire YFC AGM 2016. 

Vision Statement

YFC is and will continue to be an organisation to which members are proud to belong. It aims to be a safe environment in which members can have fun, make friends, learn and achieve.

The organisation Warwickshire Bearwill continue to be member-led and will aim to deliver excellent services for all young people with an interest in the countryside, wherever they live and whatever their background.

YFC will manage people and resources, throughout the organisation, so that we can effectively support members and their Clubs. Clubs and County Federations deliver services, experiences and opportunities and are supported by a regional structure, with strategic direction and assistance from the national organisation.


Warwickshire YFC 79th AGM

County officers chairing the 79th Annual General Meeting in 2016. From Left to right, Lottie Dronfield- Treasurer, Luke Crossman- Retiring Chair, Mr Antrobus- retiring President, now Life Vice president, Sue Chapman- County Administrator. 

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